About Us



Women are fierce, bold, sexy, liberated, creative, and powerful. Brand owner 

Jocelyn created this brand to help women find their confidence in great fit and quality pieces. Strut Couture Boutique is a curated space for women who know the POWER in being confident in her career, relationships and herself. The Strut Woman is driven, she loves to go out dancing, attend happy hour, she loves family time and traveling and her style is as versatile as her lifestyle.

Who we are + what we believe in

Our Promise
As a brand, we promise to be transparent about our products and provide our consumers with the best stylish pieces.

Our Values
Strut brand believes in diversity, and individuality, a brand that allows women to find their voice, style, and love through fashion.

Our Mission
To be a space for women looking for long-lasting quality products, the perfect fit, diverse and variety of options to build the perfect wardrobe. We know our women are busy with work, relationships, date nights, kids and brunch with the girls; we are on a mission to bring them what they need, love and take the hassle away. We vow to put fun and effortless back into the shopping experience for our Strut community.

Our Vision
To expand our wardrobe, pieces and shopping opportunities for women. We aim to make shopping fun again for the professional woman.