Fashion Article

Professional Fierce and Fabulous

In the busy lifestyles of Motherhood women have a tendency of getting lost in the day to day routine.  Whether you are a stay-at-home mom or a working mother your day never seems to end, but one thing I found to be true is that when we look good and take care of ourselves life just feels a lot better. We went from fashion divas with our hair done, manicures on point, a “bad” pair of pumps, and make-up done to the “nines,” to a 5 minute routine. Don’t get me wrong having a simple fabulous routine in the morning is what I do best, but not everything knows how to make this happen. I am going to share tips on how mommies and women around the world can be fierce, professional, AND sexy.

I don’t recommend running out and buying a brand new wardrobe unless it’s very necessary, but I would first advise you to look at home and see exactly what you already have in your closet. Select basic pieces like a pencil skirt and great pair of slacks that fit you well, then add some color to your basic pieces such as a statement necklace, a color blouse or shirt, or a printed blazer for extra jazz. My favorite go to items are dresses. Dresses are very easy they are also very forgiving in areas that we may not love as much. The trick of the trade is finding that dress that fits your figure the best. We always want to accentuate our positive features. Now, let’s look at your shoes. I don’t wear my high heels everyday like I used to, but I have a cute but comfy shoe that will not down pay my fierce outfit. Below are some basics that can get you back to your “Diva Status” in no time. Rome wasn’t built overnight, and neither will your wardrobe.

 We can easily remember our former selves, so let’s bring her back. Yes, I know we have to maintain a lot of things from professional meetings to our kids many activities, and don’t forget all of our household responsibilities, but somewhere in all of this we must take care of ourselves in the mist of the chaos. Everyone’s professional attire may be different based on their careers, so there is no one size fits all in the manner of professional dress and being fierce and fabulous. One thing I live by, is always stay true to your own style and personality. Once again if you are missing a bit of flare in your wardrobe start with classic pieces. For instance, if you are a dress and sandal kind of girl here are a few styles that will maximize your look for minimize your time. The Easy Fab Maxi works well with many body types. Add a cute bootie, bedazzled sandal or classic pump, and you are ready for work. Another way to jazz up this simple dress is to add a statement necklace or accessorize with a wrap belt to create a curvier waistline.

Yet another go to professional and sassy wardrobe essential is a wrap dress. Why are wrap dresses considered to be an essential to a professional woman’s wardrobe? Because they allow women to adjust the waistline and chest area as needed; a women a waistline defines her shape even creating a curvier waist as well elongate the body. Wrap dresses can be worn in all aspects of the professional women’s lifestyle from dressy to causal. Bring in a bit of color by adding a cardigan and skinny belt or a suit jacket.

Finally, an awesome addition to the busy professional, but jazzy mother is a nice jacket and pant. Notice, I didn’t say a suit. Depending on the industry you work in a regular professional suit might be too dressy for your everyday duties, but never the less a great fitting jacket that stops around your waistline will give you a curvier waistline as well give your body length. A suit cropped jacket and slim leg dress pant give a slimming silhouette. Also, a jacket and a pencil skirt that hits the legs in the right spot. What spot is that you ask? Based on your height a skirt length totally changes your appearance for instance if you are shorter in a skirt that hit right at or above the knee will give you a longer appear where as a midi skirt cuts you off and make you appear shorter. The key is finding the best pieces that make you look your best at your current weight and height. We all are different, but being fabulous is a nonnegotiable. In the busy life of mommy, a suit can be easy staple pieces that can also be an easy to throw on outfit in the chaotic morning.

Trying to maintain the lifestyle of a busy professional mom who wants to look fierce and fabulous on a daily basis must start with finding just a small bit of me time to put basic staple pieces in her wardrobe that makes her look and feel good.  Purchasing essential items such as classic color wrap dresses, easy simple dresses, and a suit jacket and great fitting pants is the key. These are the queen essential staples to fabulous easy morning mom routine.  Accessories are extremely important in adding a little “bling” to an outfit. Three statement necklaces in silver, gold or a variety of colors will work. Trust me, motherhood hands down is one of the toughest job known to man, but we still must continue to be ourselves and look great while conquering the world in a great outfit.