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Weekly Fashion Tip

Weekly Fashion Tip

 The start to a great fitting and fabulous outfit is great fitting underwear. Have you been fitted professionally for a new bra? When was the last time you purchased new panties? As a stylist and boutique owner I see women completely destroy a outfit because their bra doesn't support them correctly. Whether its a bra with very little support or the wrong type of bra. The average life of a bra is roughly 6-9 months. If its your favorite bra and you wear almost everyday probably less than 6 months Wearing the wrong type of underwear will take a way the classiness of any outfit. Also huge panty line is a fashion NO No. Ladies please we work hard every day lets treat ourselves to a great fitting bra and a new pair of seamless panties or a thong.The road to a fabulous fitting outfit is in an awesome fitted bra and panties. Always remember to Strut your stuff.

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